Client Testimonials

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Larry.   When we needed music imaging he guided us along and provided a full range of musical options for us to work with.  He knows music, musicians, talent, and the way to mix it all together.”
Peter Casey, News Director WBZ All News 1030 BostonPeter Casey, News Director WBZ All News 1030 Boston

“When you’re making adjustments and creating new uses for one of the best-known jingles in Philadelphia, you need a delicate touch and a keen understanding of the legacy. Second Street has kept us current with the times while preserving our iconic brand.”  Steve Butler, Dir. of News and Programming, KYW Newsradio

 “Larry is a great creative partner for us when we need original music and sound editing. His work is clean and original, and he brings the project in before the deadline and under the budget.” Frank Felker, Director and Video Producer, Hype 413

 “Great Fun. Great Product. Great working with Larry Freedman.” Rich Britton, Director of Business Development at BarkleyREI

 “I’ve worked with Larry for nearly twenty years, on everything from radio commercials to the enormously complicated long-form Martha & Dotty comedy albums, and he never fails to astonish with his resourcefulness and tenacity. Where some recording studios can be pressure cookers, Larry’s invested 2nd Street with a relaxed vibe that really does lead to better, funnier and more surprising work. His studio reflects the owner’s personality, and that’s the highest recommendation I can give.” David Witz, Creative Director at Agency 51

“It is a pleasure to work with Larry. He is knowledgeable, caring, diligent, detailed, and always fair, he takes great pride in his work. Larry is always on top of his game.” Fred Potok, Owner, Pelladio Developers

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