c2663f_72c5db7345bd4e5d87d4be4c6e894653.jpg_srz_p_321_246_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz I know what you are thinking. Or at least I want to know. The most important part of creating anything original for a client is understanding what’s in their head. The success of the project depends on that.

Larry Freedman
Larry brings his musicianship, script writing talents and ability to work with people to every project. From corporate to funky, technical to improv, Larry can adapt to the project at hand. “As a professional drummer for a million years, I always bring a sense of rhythm and timing to everything I do, whether it’s a musical piece or even a straight voiceover. Feel is everything. Plus, I truly believe that it’s possible to have fun and produce an awesome project at the same time.“



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